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Friday, August 24, 2007

Everything should taste like bacon, huh?

On my the recommendations of Furiousball at We Should be GM's and my pal Pete, I bought some of this:


It finally arrived last night, so for dinner I made myself a salad of romaine hearts, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and blue cheese, and dressed it with bordeaux vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper and a generous sprinkling of Bacon Salt.

Initial reaction: Meh.

It had a savory character reminiscent of Lawry's Seasoning Salt, which as a kid I loved, but I just didn't get that WHAM hit of bacon I was promised. I'll give it another try tonight on creamy scrambled eggs with toast.


  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger PeteJayhawk said…

    Meh? MEH?!

    Dead to me.
    Dead. To. Me.

    (PS: Lemme know how the eggs and toast goes. That's how I first enjoyed Bacon Salt. Mmmmmm....creamy scrambled eggs and toast.)

  • At 2:16 PM, Blogger CDB said…

    You know, all of that said, I still think I will give it a shot. I mean, Pete knows good things, right?

  • At 4:45 PM, Blogger Texas Gal said…

    OK, if there's not enough bacon in BACON salt, then there is no justice in this world.

  • At 3:22 PM, Blogger furiousBall said…

    YES! someone else bought it. I still haven't. God Bless you and your baconery.

  • At 6:24 AM, Blogger GM-Carson said…

    Clare- I'd be happy to exchange links with you. Just leave a comment on my blog if you're interested and I can hook that up.

  • At 9:02 PM, Blogger Anon said…

    There always...

    wait for it...



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